Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Herriman Oquirrh Mountain (Half) Marathon

The Herriman Oquirrh Mountain Marathon was run on a beautiful Saturday morning in June. It was a small field of competitors, 57 total for the half marathon.

The communication for this race was sparse. So sparse in fact that I started to think I was never going to get an email. Lucky for us the website was packed full of information. Packet pick up was held at Run Gr8 and manned by their staff. It was quick, easy, and efficient. As usual the guys and girls at the store were super helpful! They even ran a water station at the race. Loved that they gave us a coupon for the store, it will come in handy.

The race director was quite an enthusiastic fellow at 6 in the morning. Because there was such a small field only two buses were required. Unfortunately, the second bus was delayed due to transporting racers for another race. Once we were able to leave, we took the 20 minute bus ride up Butterfield Canyon. That was a pretty scary ride in a bus! That alone might prevent me from running this race in the future.

This was a nice course. Downhill Butterfield Canyon was a little brutal in spots, I am not sure what would have hurt more, just running it or holding yourself back so you didn’t burn out before mile 13. I was pretty sore for a couple of days after, sorer than after my marathon. I really liked that we got to run through a neighborhood and there was very little traffic to deal with. The hardest part by far was the distance between the last water station (mile 7 or 8, my run tracker was off due to the GPS signal up the canyon), and the water station at 11. They really needed to put another station in there somewhere. With that said, I did receive OUTSTANDING customer service from the race director. He was in a van constantly driving the course checking on runners and making sure everything was okay. As he drove by me I used the universal signal for drink and less than three minutes later he drove by with a drink for me!

The medal really was nothing to brag about. It was small but not a bad design. The after race support was about the same, nothing to brag about but not bad. We had water and food and really what more do you need? Yeah I love races that offer a little extra but it seems like this race is well on its way to establishing a name for itself. We give it three shoes!

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