Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ogden Marathon 2013

Congratulations to the Ogden Marathon for putting on a fantastic race! From sign up to the after race options, it was a wonderful experience.

After putting in a small amount of money to get into the lottery, which frankly was done on a whim because I NEVER thought that we would actually get picked, the communication was excellent. They even emailed us to let us know it might be hotter than expected and to come prepared. Weekly updates were sent when the race got closer to ensure everyone was set to go.

The race expo was pretty good with lots of different options and great sales. There was no line at all for packet pick up! It was crazy fast.

The day of my first marathon it was raining cats and dogs! And not just for a minute or an hour, but the entire time from getting on the bus until we crossed that finish line. Don’t be fooled, the rain did not hamper the efforts of the race director, staff, or volunteers. The buses were on time, the race started on time, and the support along the route was amazing. After the race, we even got to vote for the best aid station. The volunteers really did a great job with the aid stations and it kept me going to see what was available at the next stop.

If there is a place to improve it’s after the race. The food after the race was limited and unimpressive. The same can be said for the medal. While it is my favorite, because it’s my only full marathon medal, it wasn’t pretty or big. It’s just so-so. And as I have said numerous times, it’s all about the bling!

I was overall very happy with this race and how easy they made it. Here’s to another 4 shoe race! Nice job Ogden Marathon!

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