Monday, June 17, 2013

A Father's Example

How do most men celebrate their 60th birthday? Do they go out for a nice dinner, maybe go to the movies, or have a family party? My Dad decided for his 60th birthday he would run a 100 mile ultra race. While this may seem extreme for some, for my Dad that is simply par for the course. 7 years ago my Dad decided to start running – he was 53 years old. He trained and ran his first marathon in 2006. Since then he has run 59 marathons, 55 ultras of which 16 were 100 milers, and countless other half marathons and smaller races. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the Ironman’s and other triathlons he has finished. He is definitely a running addict and runs to the extreme, but by developing his hobby of running he has encouraged, motived, and coached 3 of his kids to follow in his footsteps (just maybe a little less extreme).
Because of my Dad’s example I began running 2 years ago and he has now coached me through 2 of my 5 half marathons and is helping me prep for my first full marathon this September. My older sister has run numerous marathons, half marathons, and several ultras, and this past May completed her first half Ironman. My brother completed his first full marathon this past March and has also run several half marathons.
My Dad’s drive in his running has not only motivated me to run but to have drive and passion in everything in life. If something is worth doing then it is worth working hard for – something that applies to every aspect of our lives. My Dad has shown me that while something is hard, it is possible – and being and old guy doesn’t hold you back. I love my Dad and appreciate the example that he has shown me in everything he does – his running is just a great display of the drive, spirit, and passion he has for life! I love you Dad!
Jen Johnson

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