Friday, April 11, 2014

Ragnar Relay SoCal

Communication was a plenty. Lots of info via email and Facebook. A website dedicated to the race with lots and lots of info/updates. Bad part was they kept having to change things due to unapproved routes. When you see your already high mileage go up a mile or two, it brings tears.

Packet Pick Up:

Pick up was a check in before the start time. Also a virtual goody bag, which I am not a fan of. I like tangible loot. Which they had that too.... So best of both worlds I guess. Actual bag contained stickers, tattoos, bio freeze, blocks, a bag and a sweeeeet shirt.


The course was scary at times, beautiful at others. Depending on what runner you were. You cover a lot of ground in 195 miles... Along the beach was beautiful. I mean, of course, unless it's your last run and you’re about to accident in your pants or barf.

Course Support:
This is where I am miffed. I was scared for my life running by myself at 1:00 a.m. in the morning.... Running for almost 3 miles with no sign, no support, nothing. I had tears in my eyes not knowing where I was going... Homeless and random men on the streets, it was an inner city traffic area. Come on Ragnar, you can do better! Same thing happened on my third run. They seriously skimped on the signs and I learned my lesson, I am going to put GPS coordinates in my phone next time. I was really actually pissed about it.


Sweet medal... See?

After Race Support:

After race was cool. Lots of hype, lots of freebies. Monster muscle milk? For free? Yes please.

All in all a fabulous time with friends. Party on, ragnarians!!! Always seems like a good idea... Then it doesn't... Then it ends up being a great decision. I give this race 4 shoes!

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