Monday, April 21, 2014

Herriman Half Marathon

I couldn’t miss the Herriman Half because it starts and finishes within walking distance of my house. I am already partial to this race because of the ease of access and it combines a lot of the routes I already run. With the exception of the hills, because as you know if you have read my blog before, I try to avoid hills. 

You do not want to miss this race next year. While there is some room for improvement, this race was fantastic. The price was super low, $40! You really can’t find a half marathon for that price anymore. There was plenty of on course support with the aid stations and police at every intersection. I was not expecting the kind of police support that was provided because it was a small race and a low price. The shirts are nice, I especially like the color and design. The medal was the same design and color, so I think it’s my new favorite. 

The course itself was challenging, however with any challenge you get to feel that great sense of accomplishment when you have conquered the hills. Don’t let the course discourage you from signing up for this race next year, it’s really not as bad as it looks!

Talk about finish line extravaganza! This race had tons of stuff at the finish line! They had a bouncy house, the Chic-fil-A cow, music, and great food! My kids were so entertained and my husband (not a runner) even said how much stuff they had there.

There was some room for improvement. While I loved the color and design of the shirts, they were just normal t-shirts and not a shirt I can run in. I am still going to wear it but I won’t be able to show other runners how awesome I am because I ran the hills in the Herriman Half. 

The website and communication from the race directors needs a little boost. I like to get a reminder email confirming the details for race day and that was missing with this race. The race results weren’t available the same day as the race. But I really like the details that are provided now that the results are available. Overall, these were very minor issues that I am sure will be considered before next year.

I give this race 4 shoes! I look forward to running this again next year and convincing all my running buddies to face those hills head on.

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