Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thankful13 Half Marathon


It was a blustery day in Lehi, Utah for the Thankful 13 Half Marathon! I am not a huge cold weather fan so I was a bit worried about signing up for this race. But I knew I needed something before I could eat Thanksgiving dinner. 
Thankful 13 Half Marathon

This was a well put together race. Emails were received before the race that detailed what we needed to do and where to park. The parking lot was small but right by the start/finish line, after the race it was perfect! Their website has all the information you need for the race and packet pick up. The hubby did packet pick up for me on this one, but he reported that the line was small and he got through quickly. And yes, my bag had everything I needed for the race the next morning.

If you have read my reviews before, you know I am not a big fan of hills. I guess when the race director said it was a flat course what he meant was, there are some small hills here and there. He also probably should have said, when you are just about done, you will encounter the biggest hill on the course. In retrospect, the hill was not that bad, but at mile 12.82 making me go uphill is like asking me to run another mile! I started talking to myself to get up that hill, and yes I was talking out loud! The runners passing me probably thought I was having mental issues (which wouldn’t have been far off).

I loved the medal and t-shirt! The shirt is unlike any other race shirt I have. It’s a tech hoodie and the turkey on the front, very cute. The medal was, of course, a turkey and makes a great addition to my collection. By far the best part of this half marathon were the signs put up along the course of things people were thankful for. They were funny, heartfelt, encouraging, and powerful!

The down side was the after race support. There was no bottled water! They had water in big jugs, but that water tasted funny! (I know I am picky about everything.)They offered hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. Nothing beyond that. I thought that because of my love of chocolate and desserts that I would love that after a race. But I wasn’t feeling it!

Overall it was a good race, but just was not exceptional. It was a great way to spend my Thanksgiving morning and as far as races on that day, there are not a lot of options. So do it for the shirt and the medal and the calories that you burn! But if you are limiting your races for the year (injury, funds, whatever else), there are better races out there. Thankful13 gets 3 shoes.

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