Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Freeze Your Cookies Off 5K

Freeze Your Cookies Off after race cookies

I think the Freeze Your Cookies Off 5k was the only race where I have consumed more calories than I burned! Thanks to the awesome cookies offered at the finish line, the calories I burned were almost automatically put back on. And before you ask, yes they were excellent and they let everyone (not just the runners) have cookies.

True to the name, the race was run on a very, very cold morning. I was able to pick up my packet that morning and there was no line at all. Picked up my packet and retreated to the car to get warm again. There was a DJ playing great music for those who were willing to brave the chill.

The course was not too bad after that uphill on mile one. I would rather have a hill on mile one then at the end of the race. They didn’t offer any police to stop traffic, turns out that the course didn’t have a lot of traffic so I don’t think it effected the race at all. There were a lot of volunteers directing runners and one aid station offering water.

Freeze Your Cookies Off 5K
For anyone that has read my reviews, you know of my love for medals. There was no medal at this race and I have thought over and over about what cute medals they could offer. But the cookies and chocolate milk won me over!

The highlight was the guy who did the raffle. I am not sure who it was, but he was funny and quick witted. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything but the girl next to me got a free half marathon!

Now for the bad news, the shirt was not cute. If you aren’t going to give me a cute medal to show off later, at least give me a cute shirt. (Apparently I was not won over by the milk and cookies.)

Overall, I would give this race 3 shoes. This would be a great one if you are running your first 5k or just love running that distance. Did I mention they offered cookies at the finish?

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