Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Running Injuries

No one is immune from injuries as a result of running. My nemesis is my IT Band. I injured it while training for my first marathon and didn’t realize it. I had a massage weeks before the race and was told it was not my IT. After limping to the finish line of the marathon and talking with my running friends, it was indeed my IT. 

First tip, don’t forget the strength training when increasing your mileage or working on speed.  Since I wasn’t smart enough to do that, I had to working on rehabbing the injury. I used the foam roller after every run, EVERY RUN! I also did the below rehab workout after each run. A few weeks later the pain was greatly diminished. That is when I added in the other leg exercises and now there is no pain. 

We would love to hear what helped you with your IT Band injury!

Thank you to Jason Fitzgerald and the following article for the help rehabbing my IT band:

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