Friday, February 15, 2013

Utah Runner Girls 5k

Utah Runner Girls 5k, let me start by saying that this is one of those races you don’t want to spend your money on. With that said, let’s start with the good points.

Their packet pick up was great, there was no line and we got to try on the shirts before to make sure we got the right size. 

The bling, well it was a girly necklace with their logo on it. Not the kind of medal that I prefer but I know a lot of ladies that loved it. So while it wasn’t my style, it was a crowd pleaser. 

The after race support was some bagels and water. Can’t complain about that right?

And that wraps up the good points of this race. What was so wrong with this race? When I sign up for a 5K I want to run a 5K. This race was advertised by Utah Runner Girls as a 5k, I signed up thinking it was a 5k, got ready that morning to run a 5k. Turns out that they decided not to do a 5k! I signed my daughters up for their Princess mile, which also had the same issue. It was not a full mile. 

On course support was offered, they had water and chocolate. Nothing special or outstanding, just one table with two volunteers.  Because of the loop in the route, you were able to pass the table twice.  A chocolate mile was promoted on their website and while I understand you can’t do a whole mile, the mini chocolate pieces that were offered were a huge disappointment. 

Communication was normal until I sent in a complaint about the race. The race director that responded stated that they were aware that the race was not a full 5k and that the Princess mile was not a full mile. Instead of offering an honest apology and trying to make it right, they placed the blame on others. Not exactly the type of customer service you expect but it is all too common in our current society.

Overall, the things promised online and by email were not delivered.  Our rating of this race is a 1 shoe. After all, when you sign up for a race you want the length that was promised.

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  1. I too was disappointed with this race. I paid for a 5k and expected to run a 5k. I wish the little chocolate they had would have been at the finish line. Who eats chocolate while they are running? And they advertised "an amazing" boutique at the end. There was nothing. I did like the shirt I got and the cute headband. I even would have done the free hair removal if the other treatments weren't so expensive.