Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Timpanogos Half Marathon

The Timpanogos Half Marathon started extremely early in the morning at American Fork High School, that is where we boarded the bus up into American Fork Canyon.  The start line was cold, dark, and not exactly my cup of tea. Good thing I had a few girls there to keep me company! They did offer yoga while we waited for the race to start, which was a cool option.

When the sun came up and the race started, it was beautiful. I loved the canyon run, even if I was constantly checking the side of the road for snakes (just a little phobia I have). The best view was when you came down the road and there was the LDS Timpanogos Temple. The route was great and very well planned out.

The course support was pretty good, no complaints here. They did offer GU Energy Gel half way through the race. This was the first race that I used GU, and while the consistency alerted by gag reflex, it gave me energy!

And, we cannot forget the bling. The medal was almost as big as my head! It was a great medal, had a picture of the mountains on the front and the route on the back. For people that love the bling, this is a great one.

There was only one bad thing about this race, and it’s so minor I hesitate to even mention it. Packet pick up was a little disorganized at the beginning.

Their website is fantastic and offers a lot of information. Their communication was outstanding, they sent several emails with all the info you need to make race day low stress. 

Overall, this race is getting  4 shoes on a 5 shoe scale. There is room for improvement, but not much!


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