Friday, July 24, 2015

AF Canyon Run Against Cancer 2015

AF Canyon Run Against Cancer is formerly known as AF Canyon Half Marathon. The name change this year but their mission didn't change. They are raising money to help individuals fighting cancer. 100% of the race fees are donated to their local hospitals. Yup, 100%!

I got most of the race info from Facebook, they had a fantastic little flip book thing that had everything you would ever need to know.

Pick up was quick and painless. They had the system down! I was headed back to my car in 5 min. They didn't have a lot of goodies in the bag but to my happy happy surprise they had Albion fit arm warmers!!!!!! What!!!!! I was thrillllllllled thrilled. So cute and hello....Awesome!

Race starts early... You have to be there by about 4 am to catch the bus. It was a very warm day, so waiting around wasn't bad at all. They had some giveaways and stuff while waiting and the DJ was good and loud, so that was nice. They had tons of honey buckets, but as you racers know, it's never enough. I was in one when the gun went off.

Race support was excellent. Couldn't have asked for better. Had everything you would need (except maybe Imodium which I could have used. Cough.)

Course is downhill for first 8 miles and very pretty. I ran this race last year and I can't remember it being as hard as it was towards the end. Or maybe I was tired. Pretty flat and hilly for the last 5 miles.

Shirt is super cute (see pic) and they offered tank and shirt styles. They wouldn't let me exchange my shirt for the tank (what's the big deal?!) and I was kinda pissed about it. Oh well.

Medal was pathetic compared to last year. Last years was freaking awesome. (Yawn)

After support was great, plenty of what you need plus Kneaders French toast (um no thanks said my 13 mile stomach). But a great lively scene.

All in all great race with GREAT cause so get out there and do it next year. I give this race 4 shoes.

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