Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dogtown Half Marathon

February 21, 2015
Finish time: 1:54 and change.

I highly recommend this race. The weather was beautiful! A little chilly at first, but it always is at a race. Even though this one didn’t start until 9AM, still chilly in St George/Washington. Other races needs to take a clue and start at 9.

Communication was good. Lots of emails, but not TOO many. Had everything that you need to know in them (packet pick up location and time, parking info, bus info, drop bag info) I didn’t feel left in the dark at all.

Packet pick up was at a rec center and very organized and mellow. I was in and out in 15 min. I would have hung out to browse samples and vendors but my family was waiting for me and we had dinner plans (pasta of course!).

The grab bags didn’t have much in them, but the shirts were super cute AND they had all these cute headbands with all these different sayings that you could pick out one for free!! Mine said some girls chase boys, I just pass them. (partially true)

COURSE is the most important part of a race for me. And I went in blind. I knew no one that had done this race, and the course description and elevation was kinda vague . . . I don’t trust those anyway. Word of mouth is what I trust. Anyway . . . the course wasn’t easy. I usually I don’t like that. But for some reason this one was okay. It was fairly hilly (with two major hills during the last 3 miles… HELLO)but it did have some good downs to catch you up on your pace. You run through Coral Canyon which was pretty. But I HATE that they had a mile marker every flipping mile. The worst. They did have pacers for those who like them.

This was my first cupless race! And I don’t mean a jockey cup! I ALWAYS wear my jock strap while running. That’s just crazy to go without one. Just kidding.

So in your packet bag they had this flimsy silicone pouch thing and informed us that there will be no cups during the race. You use your own bottle or you can use this pouch to fill up at water stations. I decided to give it a go..and no too bad! Plus it saved tons and tons of waste which is always a good thing. Stations were like every 3-4 miles. Not too bad. They offered GOOOOOO (gag) at every station and fruit about halfway. Water and Gatorade were the fluids. Fluids is kinda a gross word. Bathrooms were sparse . . . maybe offered twice? But the race was kinda small so no waiting.

Medal was cool it was a dog in a dog house. Very different from anything I have already!

SO the race ended at a cute farm. Very family friendly so have them cheer for you and have a little fun after! They called your name while running through the finish line which I mean everyone loves. Or is it just me?

They handed me a bottled water (yay! Water in some sort of cup!) and a paper bag after I crossed and got my medal. I went right to the drop bag area, showed my bib, and had my bag in 30 seconds.

When I look in my paper bag they gave me . . . lots and lots of goodies!! Yummy ones too. Cant remember exactly what they had . . . but I know it was good stuff and nice to have. (I ate it all.) They also had chocolate milk and fruit at the finish.

Overall I give this race 4.5 shoes outta 5!! I would definitely do it again if I had some friends that would do it with me too.

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