Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top Of Utah Half Marathon 2013

Top of Utah Half Marathon 2013 is definitely at the top of our list! I do have an emotional bond with this race; it was my first half marathon a few years ago.  After running a few different races, I am glad my running hobby started at the Top of Utah.

Packet pickup was smooth and un-crowded. Got our stuff within 10 minutes and looked around at the few vendors they had. Wish there were a few more vendors but I still found a great new running shirt! After seeing the race shirt, I decided I “needed” a different look. I was not happy with the glow in the dark yellow racing shirt, but apparently I was the only one that didn’t like it. When I brought it home and showed the kids they all loved it. Even the hubby loved it! I guess my fashion sense is a little off.

Loved that the race peeps sent out emails and updated their Facebook page regularly. There was a fire in the canyon that threatened the race; they were on top of it every step of the way. There were several updates posted on their Facebook page and they sent out an email when the race was cleared to continue as scheduled.

The course was beautiful, even with the small amount of fire damage. There were even a few fire fighters’ on the route to cheer us on. Big, huge thank you to all those fire fighters’ who risked their lives!

Aid stations were great, fully stocked, and had lots of volunteers. I would have thrown in another aid station, but apparently I am getting picky about when I get a drink. Maybe it’s time for me to start carrying my own water.

The medal was nice, with a cute moose, but nothing special. Maybe next year they can do a medal that is a moose! That would be a medal worth running for.

After race support was AWESOME! They had tons of stuff including chocolate milk. Yup, I am easily impressed when you throw chocolate in the mix. I love races that offer Great Harvest Bread; carbs are terrific after all that running. 

To top off a great race, I got a PR and won a blanket in the raffle. I’ll be back next year, considering trying their full marathon! This race earned 4 shoes. 

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