Sunday, March 10, 2013

SoJo Half Marathon

Communication: Emails are very efficient, in fact I still receive one every month reminding me to sign up for next time J They also were great in providing pictures and race times really fast. Like times right away and pics within a few days. The emails they send now have promo codes which is nice.
Packet Pick Up: Soooo easy. They had some fun sample tables set up and stuff you can buy. They also had a huge layout of the course. Zero waiting to pick up my pack. Pack had fun stuff too. We all love that! Pedometer, freeze gel, energy shots, uhhmmm something else that was cool…can’t remember. Cool stuff.
Course: Course was ideal for a half marathon. Only had one uphill mostly level and downhill.
Course Support: Stations every 2 miles. So nice! Water, Power aid, Sodium water, Coke, pretzels…just really nice. Bathrooms every 4 miles.
Medal: Pretty sweet medal. Shirt was nice but STINKY. It had this really weird smell. I think it was the material. Nice heavy medal which makes it seem like it is a really big deal. Which it is, when it comes right down to it.
After Race Support: Awesome. Everything! Chick Fil A, cupcakes, shaved ice, ice cream, bagels, water, chocolate milk. A runners dream!
4.5 shoes for this sweet race.


  1. what is the promo code

    1. We don't have a promo code for the SoJo but feel free to contact the race director.